Culinary delights from the Zinnkrug restaurant in Kitzbühel

A pleasure for all senses

Do you love the classics of Italian cuisine and can't live without pizza and pasta? Or are you always on the hunt for delicious, healthy fish? Or maybe you have an appetite for a little variety in the best Swiss way - just the thought of a rustic fondue makes your mouth water, if it weren't for these almost legendary spare ribs, for which our Restaurant Zinnkrug in Kitzbühle is well known.


The agony of choice

As part of the decision-making process, our bulging menu can certainly lead to problems of a tasteful and enjoyable nature. Just take your time and make the right choice in our spacious restaurant with its cozy ambience. In addition to the culinary delights, a bar, a guest garden and a terrace await you in our restaurant, which offers enough space for up to around 120 people. As a non-smoking restaurant, we are the first address for all families with children, and the free internet inside the Zinnkrug restaurant in the Tyrolean lowlands ensures that our guests don't miss anything, even when relaxing.

Restaurant Zinnkrug in Kitzbühel - culinary delights for every taste

You can reserve a table on the +43 5356 62613 number.