Our bar in the restaurant 'Zum Zinnkrug' in Kitzbühel

Inviting and cozy

Since we wanted to make our bar just as cozy and yet spacious as the guest room, we have remained true to our style. Made of the same dark wood as the rest of the furniture, but open and not acting as a barrier. The comfortably upholstered swivel bar stools with wooden backrests invite you not only to linger for a moment, but rather to stay longer. You can also take a relaxed seat here if your reserved table has yet to be set again.

A bar not only for the evening

Just as our kitchen prepares delicacies for you all day long, our bar is also open for you throughout the day. We offer you the opportunity to have a coffee here, of course in your preferred variant. Of course we are happy to serve you a cake or an ice cream cup. You can also wait here for your friends you have an appointment to meet or have an aperitif together. Or you can simply come to taste one of our cocktails or long drinks or to enjoy a good wine.

The restaurant 'Zum Zinnkrug' in Kitzbühel - our bar

We can be reached by phone at +43 5356 62613.